Classic car tourism is an extremely desirable form of spending time with our Western neighbors.

“Classics” aficionados are eager to take part in expeditions uniting people who share the same passion. Traveling along the scenic trails is one-of-a-kind opportunity for them to break away from reality and go on a childhood-like journey.

The purpose of Infinitum Classic Events is to spread this awareness among people in our part of Europe. We want to instill in car enthusiasts the thought that it is worth to actively enjoy the privileges offered to us by vehicles of that age. For us, keeping cars locked up in a garage is completely senseless.

Also in case of corporate events, such projects are not very popular yet. Integration events for managerial staff or key customer events are largely based on the same old schemes.

We offer a completely new idea.

Our expeditions are based on a unique premise – maximum experience with minimal worries. We provide complete event preparation. The only thing you or your guests have to do is pack your suitcases and driving license and prepare for the “adventure of a lifetime”.