“Volvo is obviously associated with durable and safe cars. Since the beginning in 1927, these cars have been regarded as a choice for sensible, nearly conservative customers. They have gained reputation thanks to their outstanding „redblock” engines, which were able to reach mileage that other cars couldn’t even dream of. But not all Volvos were so sedate: during the company’s history there were moments of some (controlled) madness. A car that’s widely recognized as the best looking Volvo ever is of course the P1800 coupe. By some strange coincidence, it is also a car that holds a mileage record for an unmodified passenger car. Some driver from New York outskirts covered a distance of… 3 million miles. The same model also starred in „The Saint” TV series along with its driver – Roger Moore. Although there were several other performance cars in the history of Volvo, such as 850 T5-R or V70 R, their potential was hidden under humble shapes of a typical estate. The P1800 remains only true mass-produced coupe in the history of Swedish brand.”

Volvo P1800

Engine: 1778cm3/ R4
Power: 100KM/120NM
V-max: 190km/h
0-100km/h: 9,5 s
Year: 1965