“A brand established in 1922, first under the name of Swallow and then S.S. After the war, a name change was needed and the company was renamed Jaguar Cars. The founder of this company – William Lyons – was a great engineer and a fan of motorcycles, who soon found out that building cars is more profitable and far-reaching. As soon as the war ended, Lyons prepared his masterpiece – 6-cylinder inline DOHC engine. It’s this powerplant that made Jaguar cars fast and reliable, easily reaching 300 000 km mark. This engine has been modernized many times and stayed in Jaguar’s offer from 1948 to 1992.

In spite of many ownership changes (British Leyland, Ford, now Tata Motors), Jaguar always remained true to its specialty: elegant, sleek and stylish luxury sports cars. So is the XJS of our collection, powered by one-of-its-kind 12-cylinder British engine.”

Jaguar XJ-S

Engine: 5344cm3/V12 benz.
Power: 295KM/415NM
V-max: 230 km/h
0-100km/h: 7,6s
Year: 1989