“It’s hard to find more diverse car brand than Chevrolet. For over a 100 years their bowtie logo can be found on city cars, land barges, SUV-s, trucks and sports cars. It’s that last type that helped to build this brand’s image as a manufacturer of fast cars at sensible prices. One of the two famous sport model lines of Chevrolet – next to the Camaro – is the Corvette, build continuously since 1953. There have been seven generations of Corvette so far, all prepared by the same recipe: large displacement, but not very strained engine and body-on-frame construction. Our collection hosts a C4 Corvette – this generation comes straight from the eighties’ wedge-shaped cars frenzy.”

Chevrolet Corvette

Engine: 5733cm3/ V8
Power: 304KM/448NM
V-max: 250km/h electronically limited
0-100km/h: 5,4 s
Year: 1996